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All hail the Grip Master!

Like most climbers who couldn't sit still during the pandemic I built a home wall on the balcony of my 4th story apartment. I had a hard time finding holds that I really wanted to climb on. Most manufacturers had minimal or no stock and when they did have it only ~50% of a hold pack was really worthwhile. Since my neighbors were already really stoked on my additions to the patio I purchased a few power tools and got to work making some pretty basic shapes for myself and friends. Fast forward to the present and I've made about 2,000 holds to date for everyone from toddlers to professional climbers.

My goal is to make holds that you want to climb on. Comfortable and easy on the skin, yet gnarly and nuanced. The kind of holds you wish you had more of. Bonus points for looking nice. I don't make art pieces, I make functional climbing holds that are optimized towards getting stronger and better at rock climbing.

A lot goes into hold design. I develop and test every single hold I make to ensure that the shape and edge profile deliver the desired finger biomechanics. It's not about how many millimeters thick an edge is its how you have to use those millimeters. Most of my work is done by hand and simple shapes are often the result of dozens of hours of testing and refinement. I select specific species of wood to ensure that the holds are strong, resist weather warping and cracking, and have the right grain structure to absorb chalk and oils. You're not going to want to go back to anything else and there's a reason why every single Dub Grips customer has come back for at least one more order! 

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