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Do you do custom orders?

Email me with your board angle, climbing level, and what you're looking for out of holds to and we can go from there. I can't promise immediate turn around, but can be pretty accurate with lead time.

Why is part of the hold scratched?

I scuff the gripping surface with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper before shipping so that they will not be too slippery. I then buff this with steel wool. It doesn't look nice for photos so that's why they look slightly different, but it is for your benefit.

Can I get bolt holes?

For most holds yes, it is an extra $1 per hold. For thin crimps and specific woods no, I will not add bolt holes.

Is there a warranty?

There is a warranty on the holds if they break during use. This does not include cracks or breaks from over torquing the holds during installation from overzealous use of impact drivers. When in doubt, screw the last few threads in slowly, back the screw out, repeat. There shouldn't be an issue.

Why aren't the edge sizes listed?

I can measure them if you want, but things get murky when you take the edge radius into account as it changes across the hold. I generally try to list things in terms of pad depth, approximate incut angle, and radius type. It is highly unlikely that you will buy something that is too easy.

Why isn't the hold precisely finished?

I do everything by hand and have no background in paint or woodworking. Generally speaking everything will be finished at or beyond the quality level of commercial wooden climbing holds, but sometimes the tape doesn't make a clean line or another line is 1-2mm different than the matching hold. This is the nature of handmade goods so if you are really picky take a good look at the pictures before you buy. All holds listed as mirrored will climb exactly identical.

When will you get more holds in?

Check the Instagram page. I tend to make things in batches as I get wood, time, and workspace. I try to accumulate a few dozen holds at a time and then drop them all at once. Feel free to contact me and let me know what you want!

How long will these holds last?

Don't do anything stupid like leave them in the rain and they should last for as long as you keep climbing. The great thing about wood is that if it gets a bit too slick or dirty, run some 100 grit sandpaper over the gripping surface a few times and the hold is good as new.


Can you still do clearcoat?

Right now I am not using any chemical products. I can apply an all-natural finish to the non gripping surface that has a sheen to it, but since it is oil based there are not clean lines.

I liked the hold I ordered, can you make me more?

Yes, if you mail me back the hold. Until I make a shit ton of cash and get a CNC machine or CNC axis I will be making each batch from scratch or from the few templates on my wall. If you send measurements I can usually get it pretty damn close without mailing back.

Why are there different numbers of holds in each set?

Often times its just because that's how many I feel like making or how much wood of a specific width I have.

Can I request a specific type of wood?

You can, but this would count as a custom order. Depending on the wood you might need to pay a small extra fee per hold if it's some fancy stuff.

Is your wood sustainably sourced?

I honestly have no idea. I get my wood from MacBeath's Hardwood in Berkeley, CA so you can call and ask them. I mostly shop in the scrap bins when I can, which means I often choose slightly more expensive types of wood or might not have a lot of a specific type of wood,


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